The Magical Rituals to connect your soul with your mind among the things to do in Tulum and enjoy

If you are looking for things to do in Tulum and find magical rituals to help you connect your body and soul, you just came to the right place. Pack your bags, because this trip will be out of the ordinary.

Cocoa Ceremony with Mother Earth is one of the things to do in Tulum without comparison

Magical rituals are the best thing to do in Tulum to discover ancient traditions of the Mayan civilization

For this first ritual, fill yourself with energy with a cocoa-based drink. Keep your soul in harmony, connect your senses and find peace with this ceremony that sings to Mother Earth. It is a sensory meditation that brings the 4 Elements to your body. It is a journey through the senses, accompanied by pre-Hispanic music and medicine.

You can enjoy this ritual at the hands of professionals in the facilities of Kimpton Aluna Tulum Resort, a hotel in the Riviera Maya.

The house where people sweat for spiritual purposes, a Temazcal in Tulum

Another ceremony you can attend is the Temazcal, which consists of healing and purifying steam sessions, usually taking place in the middle of the jungle. The Temazcal represent the womb of Mother Earth and the act of rebirth, through a purification of the body with sweat, and of the mind with meditation, oriented to the beliefs of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Give a chance to practicing these millenary rituals that purify souls and clear minds. This is an unforgettable and very spiritual thing to do in Tulum!

Dream on our hotel in the Rivera Maya

After being one with Mother Earth, continue to clear your mind, but now from Kimpton Aluna Resort, a luxurious hotel that combines modernity with spirituality and is inspired by a natural environment, Mexican and Mayan design.

Our comfortable rooms and facilities, surrounded by nature and with relaxing designs, will help you end your journey of magical rituals with a deep and restful sleep, where you will end up feeling completely reborn.

Kimpton Aluna Resort is your best option to recharge your batteries and have a new beginning in the face of different life events that require a moment of relaxation and peace, both mentally, spiritually and physically with a wellness retreat.

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