Connect your body and soul in the best yoga sessions in Tulum

We escape our daily routine to relax, feel alive again, and leave the stress behind, that’s why the yoga sessions in Tulum, at Kimpton Aluna Resort, are the perfect exercise to achieve a unique rest time. The best services and amenities will be at your demand!

Nothing more peaceful than yoga sessions in Tulum

Improve your health with yoga sessions at Tulum

Yoga is a practice that connects body, mind and breath. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation to improve your overall health. In fact,yoga originated as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago. Now imagine practicing your postures with us while the sunshine caress your eyes through the floating woods on our terrace.

All the classes are available for every guest at the Kimpton Aluna Resort several times a week. Remember that this discipline will help you improve your breathing, increase your flexibility and resistance while working on your strength with differents movements that flow into each other.

You will find the best yoga sessions at Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum!

The best yoga sessions in Tulum ar in Aluna Kimpton

We go beyond your expectations

As we want you to forget about the stress, we offer first level services like DJ nights, recognized restaurants, spa services and outdoor and terrace pools. All of this with the objective of deepening your connection with your environment, the people around you and even with yourself.

Your experience at Kimpton Aluna Resort, an hotel close to the beach, will be unforgettable as we go beyond your expectations. Reserve today and let yourself go for our luxurious and diverse amenities. Relax and enjoy Tulum as never before, connecting effortlessly with nature, history and culture to create something totally distinctive.

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