Cozumel suites for the World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day in a conscious hotel in Cozumel

It was 2008 whenthe United Nations proclaimed June 8 as the World Oceans Day to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining our oceans and its fauna clean and healthy. It is also a reminder that encourages society and companies to aim for a sustainable use of the resources that we obtain from our oceans.

Each year, more companies are committed to environmental causes and implement strategies in order to preserve, restore and nourish their close environments. For example, several Cozumel hotels are highly aware of the importance of preserving the flora and fauna that lives below the mesmerizing underwater.

Celebrate the World Ocean Day in our Cozumel suites

A Cozumel hotel that brings awareness to the importance of reefs

Located in the paradisiacal Mexican Caribbean, Presidente InterContinental® Cozumel Resort & Spa is highly focused on contributing to the well-being of the ocean. Along with Oceanus AC, we have planted coral colonies and strive for the survival of the species living in this ecosystem which, unfortunately, is endangered.

As we restore the reef systems of Cozumel, we encourage our guests to join the “Adopt a Coral” program. This action has been highly important, as reefs are key to a healthy environment as they are in charge of reducing coastal erosion, they serve as nursery grounds for marine species and protect populations from tropical storms and hurricanes. Isn’t it a great action to preserve marine life?

World Oceans Day in a Cozumel hotel

Sustainability is our destination

As an eco-friendly-driven hotel in Cozumel,we are committed to several sustainability actions. Some of the initiatives we implement to positively impact the environment are:

  • The replacement of type of energy, to energy-saving light bulbs and solar panels.
  • We calculated our carbon footprint to start a mitigation and offsetting plan.
  • We implemented an improvement plan to align ourselves with the sustainable development objectives set by the UN.
  • By this year, we are committed to eliminating single-use plastic water bottles.
  • We use bio disposables made of corn husk.

As you can notice, we offer the best Cozumel suites, and we are also an ally that aims for a sustainable and responsible way to travel. Let the future generations enjoy the ocean’s beauty! Be part of the change and join us in this lifetime journey of preserving the place we call home.

See you in Cozumel!

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