• Hotel suites in Tulum for Ecotourism
  • Tulum suites that respect the environment
  • Tulum suites for Ecotourism

Have an eco-friendly stay in our hotel suites in Tulum

Having fun at the beach without harming the environment is way more than booking at a hotel that minimizes the use of disposables and recycle waste. Sustainability should be a conscious act where harm reduction enhances the environmental and social well-being. When searching a committed hotel suites in Tulum, there are some things you should be aware of:

Social awareness

A lodging committed to environmental well-being should collaborate with local communities to promote jobs and create activities that enhance biodiversity as well as boosting the local economy. Of course, this is a win-win situation; locals get a chance to enjoy the natural resources of their homeland, and you will get in touch with different ways of living and coexist with the environment.

Cruelty-free amenities

Wellness and beauty shouldn’t compromise animal lives. When booking Tulum suites, consider the nature of the toiletries and beauty products; some lodgings offer organic and cruelty-free amenities that will make you feel pampered and at ease.

Flora & fauna safety

Tulum is home to species like the ocelot and the brown pelican. The hotel of your choice must coexist with the wild beauty of the city. Trust us, you will have an unforgettable stay, full of natural wonders and mesmerizing views.

Clean energies & transportation

By 2022, some hotel groups (like Grupo Presidente) started replacing the type of energy used in their properties by using energy-saving light bulbs and solar panels. This, alongside the privileged location of a hotel, promotes the use of clean energies and environmental ways of transportation.

Using a car to get to the beach club is not the same as using a bicycle, right? Remember to book a hotel suite in Tulum that is as close as possible to your sites of interest, this will also reduce your transportation expenses.

Hotel suites in Tulum for Ecotourism

Hotel suites in Tulum for nature lovers

Located in Aldea Zama, Kimpton Aluna® Resort Tulum is a dream come true. Its areas emanate with natural beauty and modern aesthetics, when booking at this special place, you will be closer to the future: conscious traveling.

Our hotel is in harmony with nature, has sustainability programs and offers rental bicycles at no cost, so that guests can comfortably move to the center of the city, to the cenotes and nearby beaches, while enjoying the scenery unequaled.

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