Thing to Do in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

Lush greenery, breathtaking views, and azure blue waters… Discover the Mexican natural wonder of El Cañón de Guadalupe in Baja California! Its towering cliffs, rich vegetation, and hot springs make the canyon a true paradise for nature and adventure lovers. The things to do in Valle de Guadalupe and Baja California are endless, and this is just the beginning. Let’s discover more about this incredible destination, shall we?

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Helpful Information for First Timers

Located just a few miles from Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe, El Cañón de Guadalupeis an impressive canyon that stretches for 9.32 miles and has cliffs up to 820 feet high. This place is a genuine natural oasis amidst the dry landscape of Baja California. Besides, not only is it a sight to behold, but it is also an excellent spot to stay fit:

  • Go for the best hike of your life.

Venture into the natural beauty of this treasure as you hike along meandering trails and explore the waterfalls. You know, a splash of water can help to cool you off on a hot day. And, if hiking is your passion, make sure not to miss the chance to climb up the cliffs and admire the breathtaking panoramic view of the canyon.

  • Take on more exciting activities.

For those seeking adventurous days, you can also go rafting and rappelling in the impressive El Cañón de Guadalupe waterfalls. Different centers offer this possibility, so ask your travel agent to discover the best choice for you and unleash your fitness skills!

  • Indulge in a moment of complete relaxation.

If you’re seeking relaxation, immerse yourself in pristine waters and bask in the natural beauty of nature around you. Unwind in a fully natural hot tub beneath the starry sky with the therapeutic thermal waters of the area. El Cañón de Guadalupe is the perfect place to let go of your worries and focus on the present moment.

  • Have a peaceful picnic.

El Cañón de Guadalupeis ideal for those seeking a little peace and quiet amid nature. You can find designated picnic areas throughout the canyon, so keep an eye out for signs. Or, if you will, you can unwind and take in the river’s soothing sounds, birds chirping, and the refreshing breeze by lounging on the riverbank.

Cañón de Guadalupe is among the things to do in Valle de Guadalupe

Lodging for This Thing to do in Valle de Guadalupe

In a nutshell, El Cañón de Guadalupe is a stunning attraction in Baja California that should definitely be on your list of things to do in Valle de Guadalupe.

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