Things to do in Valle de Guadalupe at the XXII Shell and New Wine Festival

The Best Things to Do in the Valle de Guadalupe this April

Wine a little, laugh a lot this April in Valle de Guadalupe with the best food & wine event in Baja California: XXII Festival de las Conchas y el Vino Nuevo (Shell and New Wine Festival). Baja California is recognized as the best wine-producing state in Mexico thanks to its climate and geographic location, so this is a festival you cannot afford to miss. We absolutely love that there are plenty of things to do in Valle de Guadalupe.

Today, we are excited to tell you everything you need to know about the event and where to stay when visiting this beautiful town.

XXII Shell and New Wine Festival tour in Valle de Guadalupe

Information on the Event

The XXII Shell and New Wine Festival combines Mexican gastronomy, viticulture, and aquaculture, creating the perfect blend for your palate. It is a tribute to the country’s wine culture, bringing together 80 wineries and offering over 150 wine brands recently launched in the market. The ultimate best thing to do in Valle de Guadalupe is, in fact, to taste fine wines (great for oenophiles!) Plus, more than 20 shellfish producers and 50 local restaurants will be working together to offer samples of oysters, abalone, clams, and mussels.

The event will be held on Sunday, April 23, 2023, at the Terraza del Mar of the Coral & Marina Hotel, from 12 to 7 PM. Admission will cost MX$1 200 (around US$65), and the entrance for children under 12 is free.

We recommend arriving on time so as not to miss a single thing. Wine tasting is from 12 to 6 PM, but if they run out of a specific brand, you could miss the opportunity to sample it. Please note that pets and food are not allowed. The entrance ticket is personal and cannot be shared, so be sure to have it with you on the event day!

Tour in Valle de Guadalupe for the XXII Shell and New Wine Festival

Where Do I Stay in Valle de Guadalupe?

After tasting the most exquisite wines in the area, you will surely want your hotel to leave the same impression. Therefore, we invite you to stay at El Cielo Resort, the best hotel in Valle de Guadalupe. Not only do we have luxury suites and spectacular amenities, but we also extend the list of things to do in Valle de Guadalupe in case you are thirsty for more.

We proudly offer wine experiences in our beautiful vineyards that will match the event’s atmosphere. We suggest reading our article “Uncork and Unwind: A Journey Through the World of Wine with this Hotel in Valle de Guadalupe” to learn more about our resort. Wait no longer and get your tickets to the XXII Shell and New Wine Festival. Baja California never disappoints, trust us!

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