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Fiesta de los Viñedos en Flor in this Valle de Guadalupe Resort

The date is approaching, and we are grapeful for it! The upcoming Fiesta de los Viñedos en Flor (Vineyards in Bloom Festival) is an annual event held in the heart of the Mexican wine region of Ensenada. This celebration of the grape growing season attracts hundreds of visitors who want to witness the stunning scenery of the vineyards and sample some of the best Mexican wines. And most of them seek to stay in a top-quality Valle de Guadalupe resort to live the experience to the fullest.

What Should I Know About the Event?

You know what they say, “Wine is like duck tape—it fixes everything!” The Fiesta de los Viñedos en Flor is a family gastronomic event where contributors donate their time and products to benefit a cause or group in need. Participants include members of the wine community, guest chefs and restaurants, farmers, students, artists, private institutions, and volunteers. It will be quite a well-rounded day, that’s for sure!

The Fiesta de los Viñedos en Flor is scheduled June, 2023. You will encounter a variety of activities and entertainment, including wine and food tastings, art auctions, activities for children, workshops, interesting talks, and more. And the best part is that the event takes place when the vineyards are in full bloom, creating a breathtaking display of colors and fragrances.

Don’t forget to arrive on time! The festival is an excellent opportunity to sample some of the best wines produced in the region at a Valle de Guadalupe luzury resort.

Valle de Guadalupe resort for the Fiesta de los Viñedos en Flor

El Cielo, the best Valle de Guadalupe resort

While we’re at it, wine not stay at the perfect Valle de Guadalupe resort with incredible vineyards and amenities? At El Cielo Resort, you can keep enjoying the feast of flavors found only in Ensenada. We encourage you to check out our activities available in our vineyards (the best in the region).

Don’t wait any longer and pack your things for the Fiesta de los Viñedos en Flor and many others things to do in Valle de Guadalupe.

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