Witness the release of turtles in an all-inclusive hotel like Holiday Inn Ixtapa

Live the experience of releasing turtles at an all-inclusive resort

This experience is for children and adults alike, everyone can enjoy it during the rainy months from June to October. Undoubtedly releasing turtles will help you raise awareness about the care and preservation of these beautiful animals. Experience this and many other activities at our great all-inclusive resort, Holiday Inn Resort Ixtapa!

A gift from nature

From May to September, Olive Ridley, Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles come to the beaches of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo to lay their eggs. The females come out of the sea looking for the best place to dig holes to place from 50 to 100 eggs. In the end, they move the sand with their flippers to cover their nest and protect it from predators.

After two months, the little turtles break the shell and look for a way to come to the surface. That’s when the magic begins for those attending this unique natural event. However, it is of utmost importance not to interfere with the process, so we kindly ask you not to touch the baby turtles or take flash photos that can confuse them.

Please enjoy this emotional and tender moment in a polite way!

  • Live an unparalleled experience releasing turtles at the all-inclusive Holiday Inn Resort Ixtapa

Resting like a turtle in its shell in our all-inclusive resort

You just witnessed something beautiful and now it’s time for you to go to sleep. Do it at Holiday Inn Resort. Our suites in Ixtapa have all the amenities you need to continue enjoying your vacation. You will experience comfort while admiring the most beautiful sunsets from the balcony or terrace of your room.

We like to combine the comforts of a modern beach resort with the colors that best represent the flavors and images of Mexico. This resort is waiting for you to live unique and unrepeatable experiences!

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