Discover and rest in one of the best Mexico City hotels

Is Mexico City your next vacation destination? Then you have to get to know us, because we are your best option among all Mexico City hotels. Start planning your dream trip!

Get to know and rest in one of the best Mexico City hotels

The great metropolis and Presidente InterContinental Mexico City are waiting for you!

For many, Mexico City is a must-see destination on their list of places to visit due to the enormous amount of museums, architecture, history, parks and countless activities and things to see.

If you decide to stay with us, you will be able to enjoy all without having to travel long distances, since we are one of the hotels in Mexico City that is privilegedly located in the heart of one of the best areas of the capital, Polanco. Thanks to this, a few minutes away from the hotel, you will find Chapultepec Park, the most important lung of the city.

None of the Mexico like Presidente InterContinental

We are the first international hotel with 42 floors and 700 rooms, which are equipped with everything you need to make your vacation first class and rest as you deserve.

We also have 5 specialty restaurants with quality service that will be happy to serve you with their famous food. You will be delighted with this journey of flavors that combines diverse gastronomies from different parts of the world. It will be like traveling without having to leave the comfort of our hotel. In addition, we are an hotel pet friendly in Polanco Mexico City.

Don’t think twice, Presidente InterContinental Mexico CIty is the right place to stay during your vacation. Remember that among all the Mexico City hotels, we have the best location in the entire metropolis, as well as luxury and comfortable facilities.

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