Guadalajara Film Festival, a great activity for your stay!

A Film Festival and other things to do in Guadalajara

Many things to do in Guadalajara are waiting for you. Cinema and culture will be your allies to live the best vacations and an incredible experience in the capital of the mariachi.

Visit and enjoy with theses things to do in Guadalajara

It’s time to visit Guadalajara and bring out your cinephile side with the Film Festival, one of the most solid in Latin America. It has also been responsible for creating a community of training, instruction and creative exchange between professionals, international film critics and students from Ibero-America.

At the festival you can find many things to do and see, thanks to the presentation of films of all types and genres, it is a diverse sample of world cinema, including national cinema.

If you want to attend the Guadalajara Film Festival, save the date from June 10 to 18. The venue will be at: Av. Periférico Norte Manuel Gómez Morín 1695 Col. Rinconada de La Azalea, Belenes Norte, 45150 Zapopan, Jal.

Don’t forget your popcorn for the incredible stories that await you on the big screen!

Visit Guadalajara and take with you souvenirs of Tonalá

In this municipality you can purchase beautiful handicrafts from one of almost 4,000 artisans. Pieces for all tastes, in many colors, shapes and prices are available for you, walk the streets of the Historic Center and soak up its history!

Break time after visit Guadalajara

Living the magic of the movies and having long walks trying to find a handicraft that perfectly decorates your home, can end in a tiredness that needs the best rest. At Presidente InterContinental Guadalajara we have you covered thanks to our renovated rooms and suites, you will be able to experience great luxury and unparalleled comfort.

Start planning your visit because you have a lot to do in Guadalajara.

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