Kimpton Aluna Resort has the perfect spot for yoga sessions in Tulum

Connect with yourself: discover yoga sessions in Tulum

Can you imagine traveling to a magical paradise of relaxation, where you can connect body, soul and mind? In Tulum it’s possible! This paradise surrounded by nature and tranquility is an excellent refuge for yogis who want to take yoga sessions in Tulum. And, if you are just starting to get to know this ancient discipline, we will tell you about some benefits that yoga will bring to your life.

1. You will learn to have correct breathing

Breathing plays a fundamental role in the life of all human beings; and knowing the correct techniques to do it consciously can bring us many physiological and mental benefits. Breathing is the only thing that anchors you to the present so that you can control and calm your thoughts. In addition, by doing it deeply and slowly, you improve the oxygenation of your body, slow down your heart rate, and relax your muscles.

2. You will connect with yourself

Yoga is a great tool to live fully and in peace by connecting the mind with the body through postures. Which will make you completely present and will make your consciousness follow every movement of the body.

3. Strength and flexibility

Other of yoga’s benefits is that during the sessions your bones and muscles will strengthen up. Because of constant practice, your limbs will increase their flexibility.

If you are considering taking Yoga sessions in Tulum, an excellent option to do it is Kimpton Aluna Resort-Tulum. Here you can practice your asanas on our spectacular terrace, while the sun peeks through the floating wood pergola.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced person; our Vinyasa yoga classes are available several times a week for all guests. And if you require private classes on site, you can book them in advance. Without a doubt, this is one of the best activities in Tulum.

Enjoy an oasis of healing and well-being in our facilities, where you will deepen your connection with yourself and those around you. Don’t wait any longer and make a reservation at Kimpton Aluna Resort-Tulum!

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