The best Cancun Resort to spend the thanksgiving day

Spend a paradisiacal Thanksgiving at a luxurious Cancun Resort

The most anticipated time of the year is finally here! With the arrival of autumn, comes the start of the annual festive time that fills our hearts with joy and delight; almost a month away from Halloween comes Thanksgiving, a charming day for sharing and being thankful for what is given. Of course! Being with loved ones or spending it at a world-class Cancun Resort can make it even more enjoyable.

Our Cancun Resort give you fun facts about Thanksgiving

Haven’t you booked your trip already? Don’t worry! You still have time to look for the perfect lodgging and buy your flight tickets. In the meantime, we will share some fun facts that will get you even more excited for this festivity.

The first Thanksgiving lasted three days.

That’s right! Historians say that it took place in 1621, during the harvest festival, and that a total of 140 people (between pilgrims and Wampanoag community members) were part of it.

Oh! Before you keep reading, you must know: the turkey wasn’t on the menu. This dish established itself as the star of the table through years of tradition and the consumption of local ingredients.

It’s Thanksgiving-eve Eve!

There are celebrations and commemorations taking place before and after thanksgiving day too! Before: Drinksgiving, a night to celebrate that we are alive and have more than enough to enjoy and make a toast. After: the National Day of Mourning, a memorial day dedicated to reflecting on the way native Americans’ life changed with the arrival of Europeans.

Our Cancun Resort is perfect to the next thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving it’s cozier at a Cancun hotels

Rumor has it that Presidente InterContinental® Cancun Resort is the perfect spot to spend a delightful Thanksgiving by enjoying the sun and tasting traditional food. It is no surprise, right? This amazing resort is well known for its excellent service and comfortable facilities.

Take the chance and book your stay! Presidente InterContinental® Cancun Resort will give you one more reason to make a toast and celebrate life.

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