Tulum is, naturally, a wellness retreat experience

This is the sign for everyone who’s looking for a deep connection with their inner-self and a wellness retreat. Are you ready to keep on reading?

Be part of a Cacao Ceremony during your wellness retreat at Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum

It’s not a secret that Tulum is all about wellness, fun and good vibes. Break the routine in the most beautiful and spiritual way in a place where you’ll be able to nourish both your body and soul.

Among every unique activity that Tulum has to offer, there’s a special event that you must not miss: a Cacao Ceremony. Surround yourself with this ancestral mayan ritual, enjoying the benefits of this special plant that back in prehispanic times, was exclusively for royalty consumption.

A journey to self consciousness

“Xocolatl” or “The God’s Beverage”, has been found to be key for a healthy body and mind. The Cacao Ceremony is a ritual that has remained through time, in which our ancestors looked for an inner-self journey in order to expand and open their hearts (metaphorically, of course). No wonder why Tulum is a popular and magical wellness retreat!

During this ceremony, you’ll have a full experience for your body’s wealth. Physically, your body will speed up the bloods’ flow, leading to a subtle boost of energy to your heartbeat, which will bring you to the present moment aware of your body and mind power. During this connection with yourself, you’ll be able to feel and listen to your heart with deep clarity.

Cacao will also enrich your body with endorphins, -the happiness and love hormone- and natural antioxidants, which are great to protect your body from heart illnesses.

Among all, Cacao will make you feel more active, cleanse your skin and body, as well as suppress body pain.

Celebrate the Cacao Ceremony and enjoy a wellness retreat at Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum

Dare to live a magical and self love experience

Do you need more reasons to dive in this wellness retreat? Do not hesitate and dare to stimulate the union of your spirit and heart’s vibrations, which will lead to a healing experience in the most lovable way. It is literally, a loving approach to the highest version of yourself.

The Cacao Ceremony will be a great opportunity to face your truest self in a peaceful place, among other things to do in Tulum. At Kimpton Aluna® Resort Tulum, we are committed to your spiritual growth, being a wellness place where you’ll find comfort and the most peaceful vibes in Tulum, where everything is all about love.

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