A resort hotel in Valle de Guadalupe for digital nomads

Digital nomads are professionals that use the new technologies for remote work instead of doing it in an office or a specific place. Now imagine doing your activities from a resort hotel in Valle de Guadalupe, while you enjoy a good wine and gourmet food.

Digital nomads love our hotel resort in Valle de Guadalupe

An excellent place to work at our resort hotel in Valle de Guadalupe

At El Cielo Winery & Resort with its precious facilities, you will feel at home and in the best place to work at the same time. In addition, the elegant suites enhanced by wide mountain views will be your best ally for concentrating or letting your imagination fly to keep motivated during your working hours.

All of our bedrooms have a high-speed internet connection that will make you not worry about a bad connection. All of your emails will be sent correctly and your meetings will not be interrupted!

Take your digital nomad experience to the next level by booking your next stay in one of the very first luxury hotels in the region. Our attractive suites are located in exclusive villas that represent real life paradise with warm and contemporary interiors.

Resting should also be a priority

Relaxing and taking a break from work is also fundamental to continue with it in a healthy and productive way, that’s why we want to invite you to be part of one of the sensorial experiences that we have designed for the different tastes of our visitors. It consists of various wine tasting sessions provided and explained by our certificated Sommeliers team, who will guide you in a personalized way through a tasty experience that will introduce you to the world of wine.

Work from a beautiful hotel resort in Valle de Guadalupe, while you enjoy a good wine and gourmet food

El Cielo Winery & Resort, a hotel boutique in valle de Guadalupe, is your best next destination as a digital nomad. You are very welcome!

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