Presidente InterContinental Puebla has one of the best restaurants in Puebla

Taste the Chile en Nogada in one of the best restaurants in Puebla

Chiles en Nogada are one of the most emblematic dishes in Mexico and what better than tasting them in a restaurant in Puebla, the land where they were born. Surprise your palate with the wide variety of flavors you are about to taste.

Celebrate the flavors of Mexico with our recommendations of where to eat in Puebla

Presidente InterContinental Puebla would like to invite you to the Chiles en Nogada season, which runs from July to the end of September. This dish consists of a roasted and peeled poblano chile, a filling of ground beef, seasonal fruits, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts and various spices. But, what makes this dish even more delicious is the sauce that covers it, a sauce made of walnuts. Finally, the chiles are garnished with red pomegranate seeds and green parsley leaves, simulating the colors of the Mexican flag.

History says that it was the Augustinian Mothers of the Convent of Santa Monica, in Puebla, who in 1821 created Chiles en Nogada on the occasion of the celebration of Mexico’s Independence and as a tribute to Agustin de Iturbide.

Cocina de los Angeles, where you can try the traditional and delicious Chile en Nogada

Try it in one of the best restaurants in Puebla

You will find authentic Puebla cuisine in our restaurant Cocina de Los Angeles, where you will find succulent dishes such as mole poblano, chalupas and the traditional Chiles en Nogada. You can also complement your menu with dishes from around the world. Prepare your palate because delicious flavors await you at Presidente InterContinental Puebla, an hotel near downtown Puebla.

Finish this experience in luxury

To complement the Chile en Nogada adventure, you can rest in one of our 200 comfortable rooms designed to please even the most demanding traveler. All of them offer a wide range of services to satisfy the most demanding needs of our guests, who are looking for a unique experience in the destination.

Enjoy one of the best placeses where to eat in Puebla Chiles en Nogada!

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