Holiday Inn la Noria is the best choice for your vacation in Puebla

What to do during your vacation in Puebla

Before vacationing, we begin to plan the places we want to visit, the hotel where we will stay, the photographs we want to take and the typical dishes of the place that we want to try. Here are some recommendations for you to start planning your vacation in Puebla to enjoy to the fullest while you’re there.

Where to stay?

We know that the place you’ll choose for your stay in Puebla is one of the most important decisions, since it will be the place to rest comfortably and where you will spend some wonderful days.

With one of the best locations, Holiday Inn Puebla la Noria hotel offers you everything you need to make your stay a full experience. The hotel has 150 rooms with panoramic views of the volcanoes and the city, facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, 2 restaurants, lobby bar, and it is pet friendly! Without a doubt, the best option for your stay.

What to eat?

This city has a wide variety of culinary specialties that you should taste during your vacation in Puebla, get to know more about two of the most typical dishes:

One of the most traditional breakfasts in Puebla are the memelas. These are made with elongated tortillas of corn dough and filled with green or red sauce. You can choose delicious toppings such as huitlacoche, pumpkin flower, mushrooms, and cheese, among many others.

Another one of the most representative dishes of Puebla is the mole poblano, which you definitely have to try during your visit. There are different versions and recipes of mole in Mexico; however, the best known is the one from this region. It even has its own festival, which is attended by the best chefs in the area. The Mole Poblano Festival takes place from June 17 to July 17, in San Andrés Cholula Puebla, maintaining the tradition since 1991.

What to visit?

One of the sites with the most legends in this beautiful city is Callejón de los Sapos. Walking through its streets full of color, you will find endless handicrafts, antiques, food, and music. It is an ideal plan to take a walk and marvel at the culture of Puebla.

Start planning your vacation and reserve in one of the hotels in Puebla. Discover many more activities that this beautiful city has to offer.

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