Fall in love with Mexico, find the best Tulum packages to do a new trip

Tulum packages, a good idea to start your travel

Summer is just around the corner. If you are about to start planning what to do or where to travel during this season, keep reading. This is an open invitation to one of the most fabulous beach destinations you can find in Mexico.

Tulum is one of the hottest and most popular tourist spots in our country. We want to tell you that witnessing this paradisiacal landscape on the coast of the Riviera Maya does not have to be a burden.

Nowadays, you can find many options to set up the starter pack for your trip with not only lodging choices; but with the Tulum packages that include extra tours, local transportation, bike or car rentals and many more amenities.

From luxury to low-budget hotels, equipped for a family stay or for a whole business trip, to travel with your romantic partner of just for a solo escape; there are different Tulum packages available for you to pamper yourself wildly without emptying your bank account.

At Kimpton Aluna Tulum Resort you can find the best offers and packages (including last minute deals!). The resort offers free nights for visitors, buffet breakfast service; and the chance of extending your stay at a low rate and flexibility for check in and check out schedules.

The rooms and suites of Kimpton Aluna Tulum Resort, provide a special Zen energy to connect with yourself in the most spiritual way, according to the very essence of Tulum. In addition, the amenities and services of the resort include two beautiful pools, a 24-hour business center and pet friendly spaces.

Bonus trip: travel off-season to avoid those moments of the year when the occupation is at its peak; this could be wise too for your pocket. Enjoy an uncrowded environment and have a peaceful and quiet experience.

Start getting excited, your next adventure is about to begin!

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