Plan a quick trip, and look for the hotels in Puebla, they are ready for you

Hotels in Puebla for a quick visit

Puebla is one of the emerging cities in Mexico. Closely located to CDMX, this charming town is the ideal destination for a relaxing escapade and a genuine approach to many of the most precious Mexican traditions.

This popular destination holds an incomparable culinary heritage and a distinctive architecture that goes from museums to libraries and cathedrals. This city is continuously growing by adding restaurants and hotelsfor visitors’ experiences.

Plan a trip and look for hotels in Puebla for a full weekend or just one night, but make sure you do it with a list according to your interests.

You can start by adding a pleasant walking tour at downtown’s main streets. You’ll find worth joining local tours to learn from expert local guides about the history of the place.

El Parian Market, also located downtown, is a small marketplace, perfect for gift shopping or just to peak a bit more into the artistry of Puebla’s crafts. Pay full attention to the Talavera pottery, a popular handicraft technique in blue and white hand-painted colors: one of the site’s most recognized heritage. At El Parian you can also find authentic textiles from Puebla, ceramics and unique souvenirs to remember your stay.

To remain close to the spirit of the city, look for affordable and comfortable options among different hotels in Puebla. Holiday Inn Puebla La Noria is an accessible lodging option that will perfectly fulfill your needs.

Choose a room or a suite, as cozy or as wide as you prefer. Open your window to enjoy a panoramic view of the two volcanoes of the state. Get loose with the top service and amenities of the place. Eat and drink in its restaurant. And, last but not least, come along with your furry domestic friends if you want to, because this hotel in Puebla has a pet friendly policy.

Puebla is a city with easy driving access and is just two hours away from CDMX. From a busy night out to a full weekend sightseeing experience, be amazed by the vibrant attractions this destination has to offer.

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