Chapultepec Park, Mexico City´s lungs

In our newsletter´s first edition we would like to invite you to discover the amazing Chapultepec park located very close from the Presidente Intercontinental Polanco hotel.

If you are into sports, Chapultepec Park would be an excellent option to run from 3 to 6 miles or simply jogging among its centenial trees and the gorgeous forest. The park has two different running paths that you can choose from half mile to .75 miles, one is made of fine volcanic rock clay and the other one the “Gandhi path” is made of clay. Bicycle lovers are welcome to enjoy a 2 mile cyclopath.

Chapultepec park is the most ancient urban park of latin america. Right in the heart of the park there is an incredible castle that was built in 1785 as a vacation residence for Bernardo Galvez, viceroy of Spain. In years since its opening the castle has been worked as residence of Maximiliano de Habsburgo, former military college, official residence of some presidents and in 1944 the mexican president Lazaro Cardenas converted the castle in a national museum. As of today this emblematic palace houses the National History Museum conformed by 55 rooms that cover different periods of the history of Mexico. For additional information about this wonderful museum click on: https://mnh.inah.gob.mx/

Do not forget to include in your itinerary the Chapultepec Park and its castle on your next visit to Mexico City.