Hotel boutique in Valle de Guadalupe with wines

Mexican Wines in a Hotel Boutique in Valle de Guadalupe

You are about to uncork an exceptional experience through Mexican wines. If you are a wine lover, you better take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Are you ready to start planning your next trip to a hotel boutique in Valle de Guadalupe?

As wine lovers know, Mexico has a prosperous wine industry due to its perfect climate conditions such as warm weather, elevations and fertile land that leads to harvest high-quality grapes, thus, exquisite wine.

Among several important destinations in Mexico for wine lovers, Valle de Guadalupe stands out from the rest, being the one region which produces 90% of all the Mexican wine. Impressive, right?

Boutique Hotel in Valle de Guadalupe with wine tasting

A journey through Mexican wine

As winemaking is huge in Mexico, the types of wine that the country produces are vast, too. Some of the most popular and delicious are:

  1. Red Wine:

This kind of wine is mainly made from grapes like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Whether it’s dry or sweet, red wine is usually paired with cheese, meats or pasta.

  1. White Wine:

In most cases, white wines are made from grapes like Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. White wines are perfectly paired with seafood, rice (such as paella) or salads. 

3. Rosé Wine:

Rosé wines are made from a blend of red and white grapes. They are mainly paired with cold meats, white cheese, olives or even a fresh pizza. Yummy!

4. Sparkling Wine:

Even though there are several ways to make sparkling wine, it is probably the one that needs more techniques due its need for a double fermentation. The most common technique is the traditional method, which is also used for champagne. Sparkling wine is often paired with caviar, smoked salmon, cheeses, fish and seafood.

As you can see, wine culture is enormous! Even though these are the most popular, each Mexican wine owns a unique and characteristic flavor, body and consistency that must be tasted! 

Discover the wines at our boutique hotel in Valle de Guadalupe

A luxurious Hotel Boutique in Valle de Guadalupe

Wine tasting itself and the act of sharing the moment with people we love the most, is enough for us to have a great time. Nonetheless, we wanted to make the most of the experience of visiting a vineyard.

Located in a privileged area surrounded by stunning landscapes, stands tall El Cielo® Resort, a luxurious oasis specially designed for those who enjoy intimacy, comfort, and good taste. Inspired by a californian-tuscan style, its 33 suites are an ode to wellbeing, rest and luxury.

At this wine sanctuary, you’ll find an underground wine cellar too, where you can taste the wine directly from the barrels. You’ll also get to explore the vineyards in a golf cart and end your day with a delicious meal paired with our best wine labels.

Make yourself comfortable at El Cielo and treat yourself with a unique experience where all of your senses will be awakened and delighted. With no doubt, this is an experience to crave for! Wine-no-more. See you at the best Hotel Boutique in Valle de Guadalupe: El Cielo Resort.