All inclusive vacations for sports tourism

All-Inclusive Vacation For Sports Tourism Enthusiasts

It is not a surprise that Mexico has stood out above many countries when it comes to sports tourism. Its perfect weather, incomparable warmth and modern infrastructure has made it to be one of the favorite destinations for sports organizations.

Located in the beautiful Mexican Pacific, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo has had an important tourism growth. Two of the main reasons are its warm ocean and nice weather to practice any sport, especially those with water involved!

Keep on reading and dive in deep into the reasons why Ixtapa is one of the best destinations for sports tourism and an All Inclusive vacation!

Mexico resort 5 stars for sports tourism

Top 3 of sports in Ixtapa

  1. Scuba Diving and Snorkel

The Mexican Pacific has become one of the favorite destinations for scuba divers for its ocean warm temperature, which averages 79° F. Some of the best places to dive are Playa Las Gatas, Islas Blancas, Sacramento for amateur scuba divers and Los Moros de Potosí for those with more experience. 

In these waters you’ll find wonderful coral reefs and even a bronze statue of Christ which is four meters high!

  1. Sport Fishing

Well-known fact about Ixtapa: it is one of the most important places for sports fishing in Mexico! Year by year, several national and international visitors come to find certain species of fish such as: sailfish, bass, barracuda, blue marlin, among others. In fact, every year by May, Ixtapa is home to the iconic International Sailfish Fishing Tournament. Remember that even though fishing is a significant activity for tourism, it is regulated by the government in order to protect marine species.

  1. Running

Where are our running beasts? As Ixtapa holds countless runners and athletes, this year, Triathlon AsTri will take place at this heavenly place.

On May 20th 2023, triathletes from all over the world will come and defeat the ultimate sports challenge: a triathlon that consists of .93 miles of swimming, 24.85 miles of cycling and 6.2 miles of running.

If you are interested in this activity, but you’re not sure about the distances, there’s the chance to register in shorter routes, so you can kick off your way on being a triathlete!

Resort in Ixtapa for sports tourism

All inclusive vacation: for great endurance, great recovery

As you can notice, Ixtapa is a well recognized destination for sports tourism. Whether you visit for its uncountable water sports or for a certain race or competition, as an athlete, you must have a profitable recovery and relaxation plan. Make the most of your visit by having an All Inclusive vacation!

At Holiday Inn Resort® Ixtapa All Inclusive, a Mexico resort 5 stars, we understand the importance of unwinding after putting our bodies through great effort by practicing any sport. If you are looking for comfortable accommodations, our resort in Ixtapa might be the best option for you.

At this oasis located in a privileged area by the coastline, you’ll be able to rest in one of our ultra comfortable suites with an extraordinary ocean view. Get yourself comfortable and enjoy delicious local and international cuisine at one of our four restaurants or simply chill-out at our pools and grab a drink in one of our two bars. Fun, right?

Pack up your bags and sports gears! See you at the golden Mexican Pacific!

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