Great adventures with the best deals at Africam Safari Puebla

Any nature lovers out there? Africam Safari Puebla and Presidente InterContinental® have a great offer you won’t want to miss out on. Come and spend fantastic moments with your friends and family while learning about the plants and animals at this magnificent place, a true wild adventure!

A one-time opportunity

Giraffes, rhinos, elephants and many more amazing species are waiting for you at Africam Safari. For the adventure-seekers: here, you will find an endless list of activities! These range from a delicious picnic in a mesmerizing landscape to a cycling tour, where you can ride past zebras, antelopes, ostriches, and many other animals.

If you would rather go on a traditional safari tour, we also have that alternative available for you. Feed and have a close look at all the animals around the place. You will feel as if you were in the Savannah itself!

And the good news just won’t stop coming! If you are also looking for a place to stay during your visit to Puebla, we would like to invite you to Presidente InterContinental®. Not only will you find comfort but also a great hotel package in Puebla: book your stay with us and enjoy 2 entrance tickets to Africam Safari.

Presidente InterContinental have deals for Africam Safari Puebla

After a wild adventure in Africam Safari Puebla: time to rest

Once you’ve toured Africam Safari Puebla and lived an amazing experience surrounded by nature, it’s time to settle down for the night. To complete the whole experience, book one of the best Puebla suites Presidente InterContinental®.

Let yourself be pampered in a paradise you won’t want to leave. Enjoy top-notch services, amenities and receive the best attention from our staff. Book now and spend a wild—yet great—weekend surrounded by nature and extraordinary animal species!

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