Presidente InterContinental is a hotel petfriendly in Cancun

Looking for a hotel petfriendly in Cancun? Here’s all you have to know

When traveling with your pet for the first time, there are things you might not know and that’s perfectly fine. We know that stress may be involved, but that fun can be guaranteed too! That’s why we have prepared a small guide to turn your visit to a hotel petfriendly in Cancun into an unforgettable experience!

Practice makes perfect

How often does your pet travel? Some need time to get used to spending a long time on a car or a plane. If your best friend is not that used to being on the road for more than an hour, start with short drives and little by little lengthen the time.

Remember: the most important thing is for your pet to have a stressless trip. Take into consideration the bassics (like food and plastic bags), so your pet can be comfortable during the whole transportation.

Discover this hotel petfriendly in Cancun for your next vacations

Tips for visiting a 5 star resort in Cancun with your pet

When staying in a hotel petfriendly in Cancun, you need to take care of two things:  your pet’s security and the tranquility of the other guests. Among all the things you have to pack, there must be a leash, a pet collar with plaque, a muzzle and a vaccination record.  

As etiquette is also an important matter, your pet must pee on designated areas and comply with the pet’s regulation. The hotel will have everything that your pet needs to have a pleasant stay, but nonetheless try to bring its bed, brush and other personal items.

All on board to the best hotel petfriendly in Cancun!

Presidente InterContintental® Cancun Resort is a top-class lodging with luxury suites that will give you and your loved ones a wonderful experience. With our pet-friendly policies, your pet will enjoy its first trip to the fullest!

Are you ready to have an exciting adventure? Pack your bags and take your pet’s carrier. We are waiting for you!

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