It´s time find a accommodation booking a hotel in Guadalajara!

Mexico is well known for its diversity in culture and traditions. From state to state you can discover different parts of the country’s history, represented in buildings, museums, typical dishes or even drinks. If you want to travel to Mexico, an excellent idea is to get a good accommodation!

Since many cities in Mexico have a wide variety of touristic options, it can be a bit hard to choose where to plan your next trip. However, we took the time to make that choice easier by introducing you to the city of Guadalajara, also known as La Perla Tapatía.

As one of the most culturally rich cities, located in the center of Mexico and in the state of Jalisco; Guadalajara has a lot to offer. Mariachi, tequila, historical temples, luxury hotels, business centers and exquisite gastronomy are just the tip of the iceberg. Just by walking the historical center, you would be able to admire and enjoy every corner and its magical environment.

At the city markets and restaurants of Guadalajara, you can try different typical dishes such as tortas ahogadas, pozole, carne en su jugo, tacos de barbacoa, and many more.

If you are not convinced yet about planning your next trip to Guadalajara. Let us tell you a little secret: you can do all that and stay at a luxury hotel that fits your needs. Picture an elegant accommodation, a central location, international and local gastronomy, great service, and to put the cherry on top, a pet friendly space. Sounds good, right? Well, meet Presidente InterContinental® Guadalajara, an ideal luxury hotel to stay at in your next trip.

Presidente InterContinental® Guadalajara has the perfect accommodation for the perfect escape. Its location allows you to move and wander around the most important sites, so you can experience a city full of culture in a very easy way.

Ready to plan your trip? Guadalajara awaits you with its enchantment in one hand and a tequila shot in the other. Cheers!


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