A wedding in Mexico City is a grat idea, even better if you stay at Presidente InterContinental Mexio City

A daydream wedding in Mexico City

We get you. You’re feeling head over heels after the love of your life proposed to you.  “What’s next?” -you may be wondering-. The dress, the guest list, the decoration, the bouquet, your bridesmaids, and most important: the venue… We’ll tell you why a wedding in Mexico City is destined to be a memorable and magical event.

The perfect place for wedding in Mexico City

Planning one of the most important days of your life doesn’t have to be a stressful task. A professional wedding planner would suggest starting by making choices from general to particular. A general choice, for example, is choosing the venue, so you can easily follow on the rest of your checklist. Here’s why we’d choose Mexico City for your special day:

  1. Besides it is one of the trendiest cities in the world, a wedding in Mexico City is very convenient due its airport’s privileged location, which is maximum 30 minutes away from most of the best neighborhoods, such as Polanco. 
  2. Mexico City has infinite wonderful scenarios. From vintage to modern, passing through bohemian vibes. All you have to do is decide the theme that matches perfectly with your taste and mood.
  3. There’s nothing like Mexican gastronomy. At weddings, the feast must be delicious for you and your guests! Mexico City does not only offer traditional gastronomy but haute cuisine too.
  4. A celebration that lasts more than one day. Are you spending more time with your loved ones after the wedding? Explore the city and fall in love with the museums, monuments, colonial streets, tons of shopping options and so much more!

Weddings in Polanco, paradise for a bride

Are you feeling inspired yet? Wait until we talk about the best service of wedding planning to have an unforgettable moment.

Bride Ideas By Grupo Presidente®️ will be your perfect ally to bring to life your dream wedding in Mexico City. A meticulous and mindful team will be thrilled to be part of this special celebration. Their warmth and exquisite taste will make you feel like the luckiest bride-to-be, as they walk with you through every detail, need and request you may have during this exciting time of your life.

But hey! We’re not done yet. If you’ve already decided to spend this magical time in Mexico City, we bet you’ll seek a great option to rest after the big day. Get a well deserved rest at one of the best hotels in Polanco, Mexico City, Presidente InterContinental, where luxury and comfort collides, leading you to the greatest time.  

Hold your lovers hands tight, say your vows out loud and prepare yourself for the most magical wedding you’ve ever dreamt!

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