Where to stay in Tulum for the internacional chocolate day

Where to Stay in Tulum for the International Chocolate Day

The most mouth-watering moment of the year is just around the corner. On the 13th of September, the world comes together to celebrate International Chocolate Day. It’s a day to savor the silky, delectable goodness of cocoa in its many forms. But why not take the celebration a step further? If you’ve been wondering where to stay in Tulum, combining the two worlds of deliciousness and comfort sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Today, we are sharing with you the story behind the sweetmeat we all love and some interesting information you might want to know. So, open your heart and discover the great importance of cocoa beans and chocolate in Tulum. Let’s get to it!

Best places to stay in Tulum for the internacional chocolate day

The Essence of International Chocolate Day

International Chocolate Day isn’t just a day to treat your sweet tooth, although that’s certainly part of it. It’s a time to appreciate the journey chocolate takes, from the cocoa bean to the delicious treats that fill our taste buds with joy. It’s a tribute to the history and cultural significance of this beloved ingredient that has woven its way into the fabric of societies around the world.

Before we dive into the tempting ways to celebrate International Chocolate Day in Tulum, let’s learn a little about the origins of chocolate. Cocoa beans—the heart and soul of all chocolate creations—have a rich history that dates back to the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica.

The Mayans and Aztecs revered cocoa as a gift from the gods and used it to create a sacred beverage that was both bitter and frothy. In the 15th century, these civilizations used cocoa beans as currency. Can you believe that? They considered chocolate a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl and drank it as a refreshment—and even as preparation for war.

The Aztec word Xocolatl, which translates to ‘chocolate’ or ‘bitter drink,’ was a concoction made by grinding cocoa beans with spices. Due to the lack of sugar cultivation at the time, the resulting beverage had a distinctly bitter and spicy flavor profile. It’s very different from the modern version of hot chocolate we enjoy today! Cocoa beans have evolved from ancient rituals to the cornerstone of a multi-billion dollar industry. That’s how important they are.

Tulum’s Twist on International Chocolate Day

Now that you know chocolate is essential in Mexican history, let us tell you how you can pay homage to chocolate and its past.

Chocolate Workshops: Join local artisans for immersive chocolate-making workshops and learn the secrets of creating exquisite chocolates from scratch. From bean to bar, you’ll gain insight into the art of chocolate making. A great resort in Tulum offers these sessions—the best places to stay!

Cocoa Special Spots: you may want to visit the Chococacao, the Mayan Sanctuary of Cocoa and Honey, where our ancestral origins are preserved and rescued. Here, you can learn more about cocoa’s history, try different beverages (each with its unique style), and many more activities.

Chocolate Spa Treatments: you read that right. There is such a thing as chocolate spa treatments, and they are quite beneficial. This type of therapy helps to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation in the skin, relieve stress, and soften and moisturize the skin, apart from leaving a pleasant aroma on your face!

Social hour and chocolate day in Tulum

Where to Stay in Tulum to Live the Experience Up Close?

You have received an exclusive invitation to the resort that has it all. As the sun sets over the azure Caribbean, Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum embraces the dark colors of the night—the distinctive colors of chocolate.

If you’re a nature lover who wants to connect with ancient spirits, our resort is your best option where to stay in Tulum. Discover the most beautiful amenities and views any resort can have; take advantage of our love for tradition. Check out our activities and reserve your spot. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate—and that’s pretty close. Celebrate this International Cocoa Day at Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum.

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