Heavenly wellness retreat at Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum

Aluna: a bohemian spot fit for a wellness retreat

Have you heard of the hotel located in the wild heart of Tulum? Its name is Kimpton Aluna® Resort, and it offers everything you need for a perfect wellness retreat. We know it is hard to believe, so that’s why we want to talk about the things that turn this hotel into every free spirit’s dream.

Privileged location for marvelous wellness retreat

Kimpton Aluna® Resort Tulum is only a few minutes away from the City’s Downtown, important restaurants and white beaches. By staying at the hotel you will have a one-of-a-king itinerary and also get closer to Tulum’s most exclusive side.

Just imagine you riding a bike (yes, they can lend you one!) while enjoying the jungle and getting a breath of the fresh Caribbean breeze. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, they also offer jungle escapades and cenote-tours that will give you an even better experience. Take notes! To take full advantage of the turistic wonders of Tulum, Kimpton Aluna® Resort must be your choice.

A wellness retreat at Tulum at the Spa of Kimpton Aluna

Activities for the soul

A wellness retreat wouldn’t be complete without healing activities that will take you away from stress and routine. At the hotel, you will be able to practice yoga on the rooftop and be part of the Social Hour. As you may guess, the hotel’s top priority is your rest, that’s why they also have spaces dedicated to discover your creativity and getting in touch with the Town’s traditions.

Wait, there is more! By staying at Kimpton Aluna® Resort Tulum, you will be part of ancient rituals and taste traditional beverages. Both the Cocoa Ceremony and the Mezcal Tasting will take you on a delightful journey through Mexico’s roots.

In addition, we have an exclusive Spa where you can receive treatments such as massages and facials, which will make you feel restored and pampered like never before.

Wellness retreat at the paradise of Tulum

A Hotel worth to be part of Mexico’s Capital of wellness

We can spend hours and pages telling you why Kimpton Aluna® Resort Tulum is the perfect place for a wellness retreat, but it’s better that you experience it yourself. Believe us, no one leaves the hotel without the desire to come back for more.

Stop hesitating and take your beach clothes out of the closet! Getting a bath in Tulum’s sun and taking part in ancestral activities, will turn Kimpton Aluna® Resort Tulum into your favorite place.