You'll love one of the best hotels near the Tulum Mayan ruins

A heavenly and historic getaway at the hotels near the Tulum’s mayan ruins

It’s not a secret that the Mexican Caribbean holds plenty of wonders that must be explored. From crystal clear waters to exciting cenotes and impressive ancient ruins that reveal the vast Mexican culture. Even though every place is worth visiting, there’s a special spot which, year after year, thousands of travelers from all over the world visit with excitement and joy: Tulum. This is why you must seek hotels near the Tulum’s Mayan Ruins if you are planning your next adventure.

Ancient history that must be explored

Tulum is one of the most important archaeological sites in Quintana Roo. This mesmerizing Mayan city was built on a cliff between the 13th and 15th centuries, with the purpose of creating temples. These were surrounded by walls which symbolized every element: fire, wind, earth and water. Tulum had an enormous importance to the Mayan culture, since it was built as a place to worship deities and it had commercial purposes as well.

Just imagine turquoise clear water witnessing the splendorous richness of Mayan culture. Surely we all want to visit this magical place! We bet you are now jumping straight to your browser, looking for the best hotels near the Tulum Mayan Ruins, right?

Book in a hotels near the Tulum mayan ruins

Join a luxurious stay at Kimpton Aluna, a hotel near the Tulum Mayan Ruins

Adventure must be followed by a nice and well deserved rest. Since the Riviera Maya has a lot to offer and the hustle and fun are real, you will definitely want to give yourself a nice, comfy and recovery sleep. Although there are plenty of hotels near Tulum Mayan Ruins, there’s a gem among nature where you’ll find a luxurious accommodation in Tulum ready to receive you: Kimpton Aluna® Resort Tulum. Located just a 15-minute bike ride from Tulum, this is the Resort in which you’ll connect with both your body and soul. If you want to explore more archaeological sites, Kimpton Aluna® Resort Tulum is conveniently located 30 minutes away from Muyil and a two-hour drive from Chichen Itzá. You’ll be ready for adventure at any time!

Isn’t it exciting to think about strolling around a place that was founded hundreds of years ago while enjoying a captivating view? Take the chance to breathe in deep and explore this heavenly and historical place facing the breathtaking Mexican Caribbean Sea. See you in paradise!

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