Dive and explore the best cenotes near Tulum

Nature has favored Mexico with many wonders and places that look like scenes from a movie, but this time we will specifically tell you about one of them: the cenotes near Tulum

Get to know beautiful cenotes near Tulum by staying at Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum

The sustainability of these paradisiacal sites 

With the passing of time it is normal for things to decay, but not the cenotes: beautiful natural freshwater ponds. For several years now, the state government has been working hard to ensure the sustainability of this tourist destination. So help us continue to take care of these natural wonders! 

Which ones should I visit? 

Let’s remember that these ponds were sacred sites for the Mayas, as they believed that they were gates to the underworld. So, if you want to visit cenotes near Tulum on your next trip, dive into a new adventure and pay close attention. 


This is one of the cenotes where you can live more adventures. Snorkeling to explore the marine flora and fauna of the place, is the top activity in Cenote Calavera. For the most extreme only!  


With its beautiful crescent shape, it reaches a depth of 10 meters, so divers have the opportunity to see an extensive cave system. You can also find areas with stone ceilings and outdoor areas to admire the majestic clouds that are draped high in the sky.


Maybe you’re just looking to relax, enjoy the breeze and soak up the sun. To be able to do all that, we present you these two open-air cenotes, which are only separated by a street. Here you can even use hammocks, rock a little, take a nap and then continue swimming and snorkeling.

The sanctuary of rest 

After getting to know the natural wonders that Tulum has to offer, it’s important to find a place to recharge your batteries and continue exploring every corner that remains to be explored. At Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum we believe that the design of a space influences your feelings, that’s why our rooms and suites are designed to evoke a sense of calm and relaxed sophistication. Sounds nice, right?

Don’t think twice, book with us and get to know the best cenotes near Tulum!

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